Looks like you’re not connected to the ExpressVPN router


Are you using Wi-Fi?

Make sure you are connected to your ExpressVPN router Wi-Fi network.

Are you using a cable?

Check the cable is securely connected to a LAN port, then turn off your device Wi-Fi.

Is your device connected to a VPN?

Make sure your device is not connected to a VPN through an app or manual configuration.

Still not working?

Try visiting or troubleshooting with Router Help & Support.

Don’t have ExpressVPN on your router yet?

Check if your router is compatible or buy one with ExpressVPN app preinstalled.

Buy an ExpressVPN Router

Why add ExpressVPN to your router?

  • The ExpressVPN app for routers is already included with your plan at no extra cost.
  • Protect every device on your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Secure devices that often can't run VPN software, like smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, voice assistants, baby monitors, and more.